Compton Children's Academy - Programs

School Age
5 to 13 years

Compton Children’s Academy provides amazing before and after school care for children 5-13 years old. Our School Age Program provides children with a place to build a community, practice important social skills, get academic support, and build confidence in a safe and fun learning atmosphere. In our program, they work on collaborative projects together, invent their own games, and broaden their educational and social horizons through child-led activities. They’ll learn, play, and have fun in our Reggio-based, friendly, relaxing environment.


We your child the opportunity to take part in theme and topic oriented clubs during their time in our School Age Program. Examples of clubs include basketball, chess, and soccer. The children also have the opportunity to form their own clubs based on their ideas and interests. Popular ideas often include drama, engineering, or photography clubs. The kids help to organize and run the clubs, developing theme-based projects that run two-three months, which allow them to practice leadership and organizational skills key to their success in school and beyond.

STEAM Projects

At the CCA School Age Program, kids take part in STEAM projects that run for three months. These projects are based on the Reggio Emilia approach to education. The kids develop the ideas and the projects in a group environment. The kids learn and problem-solve together in a uniquely collaborative environment. They problem-solve together, discovering solutions to problems through cooperation and coordination. For example: the kids will learn together to create a catapult. They can research concepts and designs using our library and computers. They can use their creativity to develop and sketch their design. The students use engineering to construct the catapult, determining the length of different components like rubber bands, sticks, yarn, and other materials. Physics and math comes in to the project by determining the weight of different objects the catapult is capable of launching. This cross-disciplinary approach leads to holistic learning, helping the students to absorb new information through discovery and investigation.

Mixed Age Groups

Mixed age groups allow children to work together organically. Older students become mentors for the younger children. By serving as mentors, the older children learn vital leadership skills: from how to encourage cooperation amongst team members and how to make the most of team members’ strengths, to explaining complex elements and collaborating with peers on different levels. Younger children learn by modelling the older students’ behavior, gathering insight and learning through experience. Attentive, thoughtful teachers observe and care for their learning journey the entire time to ensure each child is getting the most out of their experience in the program.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is certainly a favorite activity for our School Age students. They can use our safe and fun outdoor area to run, jump, and play (and get out after school wiggles). They can also use the outdoor area to study and explore natural concepts such as plants and soil.

Homework Help & Academic Support

Our experienced teachers are on-hand to support your child’s school-day learning. We offer homework help in our School Age program to assist and encourage them in the educational journey. We also offer an extension of their classroom learning by encouraging them to follow their interests. For example, take a student who learned about earthworms in their science class. Our teachers nurture that lesson by encouraging them to continue their learning in our program: finding worms in the garden and creating an indoor environment for them. When it comes to educational experiences at CCA, the sky is the limit!

Leisure Activities

In addition, our center provides a variety of different option for your child’s enjoyment. We have books, board games, and computers (monitored by high-tech firewalls for each child’s safety). We offer diverse, kid-friendly learning centers to encourage every child to have fun with the activities, ideas, and topics that drive them. Experienced, high-quality teachers are attentive every step of the way to provide guidance, nurturing, and support as needed.
Our School Age Program offers a fun and educational environment for kids every day. We are open on snow days, and offer complimentary breakfast, meals, and snacks to every student in our program. We have an open-door policy which means you can stop by to check in on your child at any time. We also offer Watch Me Grow and Tadpoles to keep you up-to-date on your child’s learning experience with us.

Toddler/Preschool Daily Schedule