About Us



Compton Children’s Academy exists to provide a warm, safe and caring atmosphere in which you the parent can have a confident peace of mind that your child is being cared for with the intent focus on his/her welfare and education, in which your child’s learning experience is one of excellence.


Compton Children’s Academy aspires to be the first choice and best resource for quality early childhood care and education in the Centreville region.


We merge as a community of diverse families, and educational professionals to inspire children’s curiosity, joy and incite a lifelong love of learning. We develop children not only for the present but for their futures – Ambitious, united and open to the world of education and promise.

  • We strive for excellence, maintaining the highest standards of development in early childhood education
  • We commit to caring for each child in a safe and nurturing environment
  • We commit to establish a partnership with our community
  • We promise to be a supportive foundation for our children, staff and families
  • We embrace a society that celebrates diversity, cultures and individuals
  • We develop highly educated teams with the idea that each staff is a vital part of our family