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Welcome to CCA

Offering Infant, Toddler, Preschool, and School Age Programs in Centreville, VA

Compton Children’s Academy exists to provide a warm, safe and caring atmosphere in which you the parent can have a confident peace of mind that your child is being cared for with the intent focus on his/her welfare and education, in which your child’s learning experience is one of excellence.

Hours of Operation

6:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m

Our Programs

At Compton Children’s Academy, we understand that the infant stage of your child’s life is one of the most crucial developmental stages…

Your toddler’s early experience, and the bonds they form with their first learning experiences, deeply affect their future physical, cognitive, emotional and social development…

Your child grows leaps and bounds from the ages of two to three years old. In the Compton Children’s Academy Two’s Program, also called our Preschool 2 Program…

In the CCA Preschool Prep Program, little ones are guided through making day-to-day decisions about learning and self-care. This gives even young children a sense of ownership…

Our Pre-kindergarten program is Reggio-inspired. We use an emergent curriculum, which means that learning is an intuitive experience for children in our program …

Compton Children’s Academy offers before and after school care for kindergartners through 12 years of age.  While providing a safe environment…

The CCA Camp Adventure 2020 will be Backpacking through Europe. We’ll create an educationally immersive and entertaining adventure to fill your child’s summer …


 A Letter from the Director


Dear Prospective Families,

At Compton Children’s Academy, we pride ourselves in the close-knit community we have established. When you walk through the doors of CCA, you will be greeted by a warmth that is reminiscent of home. Our center is a safe haven with a family atmosphere that includes strong values of care and support. We understand the importance of developing bonds with our families in order for each child to receive the most out of their education.

At Compton Children’s Academy, we provide a home away from home where your child is free to be whoever they wish to be. Creativity is always encouraged and differences are celebrated. Every child should be made to feel that they are special and they can do anything they put their mind to. I would like to invite you to open a world of opportunity for your child by joining the CCA family.

Charissa Shulsky
Executive Director


What People Say


Leslie Lloyd

We can't say enough great things about Compton Children's Academy. As a parent you want your child(ren) to feel safe, happy and loved especially when they aren't in your care. Well look no further because CCA provides all of that and more. From the fingerprint scanning entry, live video feed/cameras to the freshly prepared meals, and an active and enriched curriculum mixed with a healthy dose of music, sports/fitness, language, and play. The director, Charissa Shulsky takes great care in choosing well educated, friendly and loving teachers. Our son has been at CCA since they opened and he absolutely loves it there.

Jenna Amaral

This is a wonderful school! I send both my 3 year old and my almost 1 year old here. My 1 year old has been in the infant class since she was 4 months old. The women in this classroom are amazing. They are so loving and caring and seem to genuinely enjoy taking care of all these babies. Miss Ashala and staff are some of the best. They have stimulating activities, they go outside at least once a day (weather permitting), they are engaged in reading, painting, sensory boards. I couldn't be happier. My daughter has been thriving there.
My son in the 2s class (moving up to the 3s in September) absolutely adores his teachers, Miss Melissa and Miss Kayla. Throughout the school year they have units where they are continuously taught a theme. One unit was buildings, they did art work and constructed a box city, they went outside and actually built a playhouse for the babies, they read books about building, learned all the machinery, etc. The unit may have been building, but they incorporated art, science, math, reading, etc. to have robust learning. I have been nothing but impressed by the school. In terms of cleanliness, it was one of my top reasons for picking the school. Other schools I visited were dingy, this one just smells clean when you walk in. They are constantly cleaning and if a kid gets sick, they immediately take action to help prevent the spread of the sickness (as best you can in a daycare). The management has been completely responsive and communicative with the parents. I had an issue at one point and we used the video feed (which you get access to to check in on those babies all day long) to go through it together and talk through the issue. The director has been working hard since opening to make this a wonderful place for the children. It had it bumps when it first opened, as any new business will, but now, it has been such a wonderful experience for my family. My son is always asking about school, his friends and his teachers at the end of every day.

Shira Greenberg

My husband and my son and I love CCA! The teachers are so friendly and creative and kind and they all know my son and dote on him. The facility is clean and well run, there are cameras so you can pop in to check on your littles, and they communicate effectively with parents.

Ashley Patrick

I have an 8 month old who’s first experience in daycare has been with CCA. He absolutely loves it! Tons of activities and different crafts. He loves the teachers and was very quick to become accustomed to the routine. The individuals who run the facility are amazing as well. I was very surprised to hear that it has only been open for 2 years, but the director has an amazing amount of experience. And her reply of wanting to open her own facility being that it’s because many places are not putting the love and care into the children really touched my heart. Hey have live feed cameras and send out daily reports which keeps me in the know. I absolutely love the experience I have had with them! Would recommend to anyone looking for a amazing center with great people any day!

Jessica Wheaton

This place is absolutely amazing! They are the cleanest facility and have tons of age appropriate toys in each of their classroom. The kids are allowed to get messy and explore which is how they learn best! The ratios are maintained and my son loves his teachers. We were on vacation counting and my 2 year old son started talking about his teacher. It made my heart so happy that he has built relationships with the people who spend most of the day with my pride and joy.

Karla Laos

CCA is an amazing daycare facility! We have been part of the CCA family for 2 years now and we absolutely love it. I have three kids there now a 6 month old a 3 year old and a 7 year old. My kids wake up in the morning excited to go see their friends and teachers. As soon as you walk in you feel so welcomed and loved by all of the staff there! This place truly feels like family they go above and beyond to make sure to meet your needs. I highly recommended this daycare to all the parents out there, the teachers do such an amazing job. This place give you a peace of mind knowing your kids are safe and are being well taken care of. Charissa Shulsky does such an amazing job of being on top of everything and making sure everything gets done like it’s supposed to.

Tiffany Ramirez

I love everything about this school. The staff are AMAZING! I know my children are in great hands when they are here. The center is the best in the area. The live video feed helps me keep an eye on my little ones and the pictures and updates throughout the day keep me informed. I have 3 little boys who attend the school, they started here at the ages of 4, 3, and 6 months. The amount of knowledge that they all three now have is beyond impressive and it is all thanks to the curriculum and wonderful staff at Compton Children's Academy. My children know the ABC'S, how to count to 20, all the shapes, the planets, animals, continents, and much more! They are learning English, Spanish, and American Sign Language here. My children are more than prepared for Kindergarten. The is a love for learning at this school, and the staff always exceeds my expectations. There is monthly field trips, end of the month study nights where parents come to see what their children have learned, holiday parties which the staff goes all out for, picture days, and an exceptional summer camp. You know your child is receiving the best everything at this school from the education to how compassionate and caring the teachers are. My boys love Compton Children's Academy and as a parent I know I am giving my children the best. Thank you to everyone at Compton Children's Academy!!!

Dana and Philip Gibson

Charissa Shulsky is an exceptional Director. We have had our children under her supervision for years and we are beyond satisfied with all she has done for our children. She has an impressive natural genuine care for children and she also possesses strong leadership skills that have always created an excellent environment that is safe, healthy, fun and educational for our children. She is not only a patient, loving, fun, tender individual who is able connect with all children of all ages but she is also a strong leader for her team. She diligently works with her staff and parents to ensure the best quality of care for the children under her care. As parents, we have always been impressed with her excellent organization skills,  her innovation, responsibility, strong work ethic, reliability, strong communication skills and her passion to always ensure that the children under her supervision have the best possible quality of care. We are grateful for all Mrs. Shulsky has done for our children.