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Infant Program

The infant stage of your child’s life is one of the most important developmental stages.  During this time, your child begins learning language skills, fine and gross motor skills, and relationship to play.   Here at Compton Children’s Academy we know that your infant develops at a rapid rate and our classrooms are specifically designed to meet the needs of your baby by ensuring they are in a loving and secure atmosphere.

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Toddler & Two

“Toddlers and Twos” are at the beginning stages of verbal communication and social skills.  In this stage we introduce the Reggio Emilia inspired philosophy of learning.  The toddler engages in projects which enable them to explore their surroundings in meaningful ways which will include the use of art, music, dramatic play, motor development, literacy, math, and science.

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Preschool Prep and Pre-K

Compton Children’s Academy has chosen to integrate the Reggio Emilia-inspired approach with the Research-Based Creative Curriculum.  The integration of these two curriculums permits the child to explore the environment through opportunity for choices, discussion, interaction with others, and research during the course of the investigation.   Through the children’s interests, our highly educated teachers will plan and deliver an educational experience that will incorporate music, art, dramatic play, literacy, math, science, and motor development.

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School Age

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Summer Camp

During the summer months, Compton Children’s Academy will provide an enriching summer camp program.  During this time, your child will have the opportunity to strengthen current relationship and form new ones.  The focus of creativity will continue during the camp experience through age-appropriate in-house and out-of-house field trips.*

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Enrichment programs

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