Compton Children's Academy

Parent Communications


To successfully maintain an open dialogue between the teacher and parent, CCA Children’s has put several mechanisms in place.

These mechanisms will also ensure the appropriate developmental progress of your child enabling set goals to be met. Teachers are required to fill out a Daily Work Log for every child. This log documents the teacher’s observations of your child’s work and interactions on a day-to-day basis. These Daily Logs are accumulated throughout the week and sent home to the parents on a weekly basis. In addition, these weekly folders will include special projects and pictures of child’s work.

We at CCA are very proud of Tadpoles; our Parent/Teacher communication tool that is used by our Academy. Tadpoles is a highly private and secure web-based application that permits the facility to communicate on a day-to-day basis via the web.  This allows us to share daily reports, photos, videos, notes, and reminders instantaneously to our families via e-mail throughout the day.

Lesson Plans are created weekly by your child’s teacher and is based upon the project being explored.  These plans are executed by the teacher’s observations, directed by the children’s interests and interactions within the classroom.   Our highly skilled teachers will then systematically use these observations to create well-formulated plans that will integrate all aspects of education:   These include but are not limited to language development, literacy, math, science, art, music, and dramatic play.

Another form of progress documentation is your child’s Portfolio. This file contains your child’s ongoing projects and is used as an assessment tool for the teacher to ensure your child is moving toward the next level of learning. The Portfolio is also used in the Parent/Teacher conferences.

Parent/Teacher conferences will also be conducted twice during the school year.