Enrichment Classes


Piano is an amazing enrichment for early childhood education. Our weekly Piano Enrichment Class — offered September through June — will help to further a diverse skillset for your child, such as fine motor skills and self-confidence.

Music is a language; young children can learn faster and easier while they’re young so they can develop a lifelong appreciation for music as an art. Learning music improves little one’s experience in a variety of subjects. Math and music, for example, are highly intertwined. Children will become familiar with complex concepts — like divisions, fractions and patterns – with fun and ease.
Our piano teacher, Deborah Gibson, has over 60 years of piano experience and a Master’s in Education (M.Ed.), with licensure through the Commonwealth of Virginia for Professional Counseling (LPC).

Make up classes will be available to students who are unable to attend a class.

At Compton Children’s Academy, we understand that three and four year olds are experiencing a special time in child development. This is a stage of rapid learning and vivid imagination. Our Preschool Prep Program is a unique preschool experience for your three and four-year-old children.


Our Soccer Enrichment — offered for seven weeks for the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons — is an excellent way to build children’s fitness, social skills, and self-esteem. Little soccer players learn to develop endurance and speed through simple, age-appropriate drills. These drills also promote stronger bones and muscles in young children. Soccer support social skills in kids by encouraging cooperation, interaction, and teamwork. And because soccer’s emphasis is on the team’s success, rather than individual players, soccer encourages healthy self-confidence.

Simple Soccer Core Competencies:

Simple Soccer teaches our kids and youth players the simple ways to:

  • Develop the passion for and love of the game of soccer
  • Develop the basic techniques to improve on their running, jumping, balancing, coordination and agility.
  • Develop the basic techniques improve on their trapping, shooting, dribbling, passing and team play.
  • Develop the basic understanding of the game as a player and a fan.
  • Help develop kids at all skill, age and ability levels.


The three head coaches at Simple Soccer have a combined experience of over 45 years coaching youth soccer at the highest levels that includes stints at Bethesda, Arlington Soccer, Springfield Youth Soccer, Future Soccer clubs to name a few. In addition, they have extensive experience playing soccer at a very high level in three continents where soccer is a culture and lifestyle. Helping kids develop the love and passion for the game of soccer would teach these kids life skills on teamwork, respect, trust, determination, confidence, friendships, cooperation, determination, maturity and confidence.

preschool soccer

Coach Festus:

Played 5 years professional soccer, Washington Warthogs and Harrisburg Heat (Professional Indoor), Raleigh Flyer (Professional “A” League), Miami Fusion (Major League Soccer).

Coached Youth Travel Soccer for 17 years.


(1) National Championship
(2) Regionals Championship
(4) State Cups

USSF “C” License
NSCAA “ODP License”

Coach Festus played a active part in developing the following players now playing professional:

Major League Soccer: Ethan White (NYFC), Israel Sesay (LA Galaxy), Piado Douea (Miami)

Women Professional Soccer League: Caroline Miller, Tyler Lussi, Andi Sullivan,

“I have played soccer since I was 5.  Soccer is my life, teaching the beautiful game is my passion.  I live it and breathe it every single day.  I believe in training my kids to successfully achieve to play at the highest level, I hold them at a high standard”.

Coach David:

“My passion is developing top soccer players, that is why I fell in love with coaching youth soccer.”

Coached for over 15 years travel soccer in Northern Virginia and holds an NSCAA “B” License.

Former Director Of Coaching (LMVSC).

Coached/Trained/Developed several teams, including LMVSC Hawks which produced over 7 players on USNT U14-U20, some currently playing in top Universities (UCLA, Stanford, UVA, UMD, VT…) some students played in Academies (West Ham, Tottenham, Olympique Lyon, (Cornellia Barcelona) and professionally.

Competed in National League, and won a tournament in Italy.

Won 2 State Cups, 1 State Cup Runner up, 1 State Cup Semi-Final, 1 Region 1 Championship, 1 Regional runner-up.

Coach Denton:

“As part of giving back to society, I enjoy developing youths (grassroots) to become great soccer players.”

Over 8 years coaching at South Bowie Boys and Girls Club in Bowie, Maryland as the head coach of youth teams playing both recreational as well as Anne Arundel Youth Soccer Association (AAYSA) travel leagues.

Won couple of league championships and help catapult this program to higher heights. In addition, I coached youth soccer for 2 years at Future Soccer Club while playing NVSL and EDP leagues. Finished seasons with over 80%-win rate and greatly improved individual skills as well as team play. Quite recently, I coached at SYCs u11 Orange team (Fall 2016) and met a lot of success in which we won over 80% of our games including tournaments.

Competed at the Olympic Games 1992 and 1996 Men’s 4*100 Meters Relay (Semi-Finalist)

Hall of Fame Inductee at LaGrange College for Soccer 2010

United States Soccer Federation D License (June 2014)

CPR/AED Certified (September 2013)

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics All-American in Soccer (1997)

2-time National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics All-American in Track and Field (1995)

Finalist at the Commonwealth Games 1994 Men’s 4*100 Meters Relay

Participated in the World Athletics Championships 1993

Soccer Playing Experience:

2000-2006: Dream Team, Washington DC (Defensive midfielder, won numerous tournaments nationwide)

1997-1998: Professional with A-League Atlanta Ruckus, Atlanta, Georgia (Attacking midfielder)

1996-1997: LaGrange College, LaGrange, Georgia (Attacking midfielder, highest goal scorer) NAIA All-American, All-Academic

Coming Soon


Our weekly Ballet Enrichment Class will offer both girls and boys the opportunity to grow their gross motor skills and self-confidence. These weekly introduction classes will offer a fun, ideal way to learn strength, flexibility, and movement.


Our Jazz Enrichment Class will introduce your child to an energetic and fun form of dance that’s known for its unique moves, big leaps, and turns. This is a fantastic way for little ones to practice coordination, encourage creativity, and build coordination during an exciting weekly program.

Tae Kwon Do

Activities like our upcoming Tae Kwon Do Enrichment Class are great ways for both boys and girls to have fun through fitness and focus. Elements like bowing, maintaining stillness, and waiting for the next movement help children learn patience and concentration.